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You consider to buy a house or apartment at the Costa del Sol?

The question is ofcourse where to begin?

Postema & Ladage

Postema & Ladage

You likely get on the internet looking for properties on offer at the Costa del Sol and then it gets nasty. To begin with there are a lot of real estate agents and in every location there is a lot to buy in all kind of categories and prices.

It’s good to have so much choice, but realize that this is also awkward. Is a good property, is it in the right location, is the asking price fair and are there any ( legal) issues to cope with?
Then it is time for a reliable real estate agent with a lot of knowledge of the entire market, who can be involved from day one.

You can then together already directly from scratch begin your search (even before going to Spain) and decide what the musts and the wants from your property are and what you certainly don’t want!
This way disappointing and useless visits of properties that don’t fulfill the criteria can be avoided.

Op zo’n moment is er behoefte aan een betrouwbare makelaar met veel kennis van de hele markt, die u er vanaf het allereerste moment bij kunt betrekken.

Just bare in mind that high discounts or an attractive low price doesn’t always mean that you buy a good property! A good buy is a property that you will enjoy long time and is good saleable in the future.

And maybe you think that you will negotiate a better price directly without the interference of the real estate agent. Well that good well be NOT TRUE, because this requires a lot of knowledge of the existing property market. You will encounter questions like: is this a good construction?; how long has it been for sale?; is the asking price OK?; is this a much sought after location and what kind of amenities are there?
Last but not least: properties are often sold by several real estate agencies and sometimes they offer the same property with different prices.

Which real estate agent should I choose?

This is ofcourse a very personal choice not only based on suitable properties to offer and knowledge of the market. Buying a property has ofcourse a business aspect, but our experience says that emotions play an important role here. The real estate agent that you choose must fit to you personally and lead you to the desired property based on mutual trust and understanding and good communication.

What is it that Postema & Ladage can offer you?

Almost the full range of properties at the Costa del Sol: We contract almost all new constructions directly with the project developpers and with 700! Colleagues we are connected to a community of real estate agents bringing together almost the entire number of resales properties into a searchmachine visible on our website. It’s amost impossible that we can not offer what you are looking for! And you don’t have to work with several real estate agents.

Years of experience at the Costa del Sol: We are working here already more then 10 years and have done business with hundreds of customers in almost all known places at the Costa del Sol.

A notary legal background: Reliablity, accuracy and good long term relationships are key to us. No quick deals, but suitable solutions based on a accurate analysis of the client’s needs. An dofcourse we will check the necessary documents to avoid you from running any risk.

Excellent knowledge of the entire Costa del Sol: In those years we acquired a very complete picture of the entire region. We know the individual places and their direct environment and we know especially also the differences in facilities and prices and not to forget the atmosphere.

A preselection of relaible colleague real estate agents and project developpers at the Costa del Sol: We know a lot of our colleagues in Spain very good and therefor communication, making appointments for viewings and if necessary negotiations are easier. Thus you will be able to enjoy your property to the full.

In consultation with you a suitable selection based on quality and reliability: In this searchprocess we will fit in your demands, wishes and ofcourse budget to find the right properties in the right locations. Because pictures and text are often better then reality. This way we avoid as much as possible unnecessary viewings and disappointments. We will select for you and with you the properties worthwile visiting in Spain.
This selection and to get to know eachother can thus be done already in a personal visit in our office or in your home.

Viewings with our colleagues at the Costa del Sol: We make the apointments and accompany you visiting the selected properties and we will show you the facilities of the direct environment and try to give you a feel of the atmosphere.

Advise about a potential offer to buy from the selection: If we manage to find the right property we most of the time know whether the asking price is or should be negociable. We will advise you about the offer then and negotiate for you if you want.

Accompaniment of the entire buying process and after sales: We accompany the entire process untill the title deed has taken place at the notary. We do always advise a local lawyer to make the final checks and steps in the buying process. And even after this we can help you with the right choice of companies to do the decoration or maybe reconstructions.